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Bible Studies

Join us for one or more of our weekly Bible Studies:


Tuesdays          10:00 AM
Wednesdays      5:30 PM

Thursdays        10:00 AM Gather Study
Sundays           10:00 AM




One of the most fundamental of Lutheran principles is known as “Scripture alone.” By this we do not mean that there are no truths the Scripture does not teach, only that if the Scripture does not teach it, it is not necessary to salvation. We believe that two plus two is four and the world is round, but if you believe that two plus two is 100 and the earth is flat, well, we might question your intelligence, but not your faith that God loves you and Jesus has died to save you from your sins!

Likewise, some people confuse the Bible with the encyclopedia or a science textbook. It is neither. Scripture is the record of people of faith in their relationship with God. From it we learn not so much how God does things – we wouldn’t understand it if He told us because we haven’t got the vocabulary! – but why He does it. We learn God’s will.

So Scripture is important. It didn’t die on the Cross for us, and we are not saved because we believe the Bible. We are saved through faith in Jesus Christ to whom the Scriptures point us. Since it is important and since we, as faithful Christians, want to know what God’s will for us is, we spend time in studying it and applying what it teaches us to our lives.  

At Prince of Peace, we study a book of the Bible on Tuesdays, followed by a look at the lessons for the coming Sunday’s worship. On Wednesdays, we share a bring-your-own (BYO) meal at 5:30 pm, followed by Holy Communion at 6:00 pm. We then study another book of the Bible in place of a sermon. And on Sundays we offer a Bible study again, following the worship service and fellowship. Some people come occasionally to one Bible study, while others come to all three each week. 


You are always invited to come study the Bible with us and bring your friends.


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