In November of 2001 Nancy Kozaluh, a friend of Prince of Peace, was the Activity Director at Merrill Gardens (Port St. Lucie, FL). She asked one of our members, Jan Lach, to do a monthly sing-along. That member asked Deacon Carol to join her.


In April of 2002, Nancy asked Deacon Carol if she could do a service for the residents who were of various protestant faiths. The facility had a chapel and on Mondays the Roman Catholic friends did a Eucharist service, but there wasn't a worship service for residents of other faiths. Deacon Carol agreed and the ministry at Merrill Gardens began. The facility later changed its name to Horizon Bay, Brookdale, now Atria.

Over the years the faces at Horizon Bay/Brookdale/Atria have changed, the service has also changed, and we have added several other Prince of Peace members to the original group of two. Our attendance varies from Sunday to Sunday, but there is always someone who attends to worship in prayer and song. Holy Communion is offered each Sunday to those who wish to receive it.


Barbara Davis assists Deacon Carol. Claire Penniman does the music ministry. If you ask any of the members of our Horizon Bay ministry, the will tell you that it is a joy to minister to the residents and a privilege to serve Our Lord in such a meaningful way. His words our hands, thanks be to God.


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