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What We Believe

Prince of Peace, of course, is not the center of our faith and belief.  Rather, we focus on the Good News. We try hard to keep our hearts centered on Jesus, the Son of  God, whose life, death, and resurrection from death bring us the Good News of life for us. 

Good News” itself is the proper translation of “Gospel,” and the Gospel is the second contract or covenant God has made with His people. The first covenant, made with Moses and Israel on Mt Sinai, gave us God’s Law as a condition for God taking them as God’s people and the people of Israel having our Lord as their God.

As you probably know, Israel had broken the first commandment before Moses got down the mountain to tell them about it! Over and over Israel, as well as everyone else who has ever lived, except for Jesus, has broken God's Law in one way or another. If God Himself chose to follow only the Law, the only result would be eternal condemnation for everyone, because none of us has kept it perfectly and the law offers only one sentence for all infractions -- death.

We wouldn’t like that result, and fortunately for us, neither does God; but that is exactly what strict justice would demand! So God reveals His will in another way, through the Gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


Many people think that to believe in God merely means to think that He exists, but Satan, after all, knows God exists, and he hates the idea. Faith involves trust and commitment. It means that one hears and commits oneself, we believe, to follow the first of the two summary commandments Jesus repeats: You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your strength. This love is demonstrated most fully not through sacrifices in the temple or by giving offerings of money, but by fulfilling the second of those two summary commandments: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Why? Because they also are God’s children. ‘Love me, love my kids,’ says God, and that is really good news, because it means that God Himself really loves me! And you! God’s last word is never death, but life!


At Prince of Peace Lutheran Church we really try to live as God calls us to live — and love. Come visit us. Discover what the Gospel really is – a message of love and forgiveness and mercy to people who don’t deserve it, but who receive it as a gift, and love the Lord Jesus Who gave His life to give it to us.


Join us in keeping our eyes on Jesus and following Him!


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