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Gifts & Talents

One of the things the Bible teaches us is that God doesn’t make junk. Everyone has gifts and talents that are needed by others. Some may have more gifts than others do, but no one has everything that is needed, so NO ONE can be a Christian believer all by him or herself.  We need to be in community.


The Bible calls this the Body of Christ. Just as eyes without feet to travel very far and feet without eyes stub their toes a lot, so the Body of Christ needs all of its members, even those who may believe they are just a nail on the little toe. All you have to do is have one ripped out to know how valuable it is to you!

Some people don’t know what gifts they have, or of what use they might be to the whole Body of Christ. Come talk to us, or to our pastor. I’m sure we can help you find something you are good at, enjoy doing, and would be a great service to God and His Church!


In what areas might I have gifts and talents?


In what areas can I put my gifts and talents to at Prince of Peace?


Is there a place where I can take a survey to discover the gifts and talents that I have?



Gifts & Talents


Below is a list of gifts and talents. Remember that God blesses each of us with many gifts, so you may very well have gifts and talents in many of the areas listed below. Some may be stronger than others, but you can also strengthen a talent through practice. God is pleased when we use the gifts and talents He gives to us.


  • Administration

  • Artistry

  • Discernment

  • Evangelism

  • Faith

  • Giving

  • Hospitality

  • Intercession

  • Knowledge

  • Leadership

  • Mercy

  • Musical-Vocal

  • Musical-Instrumental

  • Pastoring

  • Service

  • Skilled Craft

  • Teaching

  • Wisdom

  • Writing


Sharing Your Gifts & Talents with Prince of Peace


Below you will find some of the areas where you can volunteer your time and talents at Prince of Peace.


  • Administration - Answering phones and assisting the Church Secretary

  • Artistry - Designing and/or sewing banners and paraments

  • Evangelism - Knocking on doors to share the Good News and invite people to join us in worship, fellowship and service to God

  • Hospitality - Event planning, greeting, and contacting visitors

  • Leadership - Serving on our Church Council (must be a voting member at Prince of Peace)

  • Skilled Craft - Mowing the lawn, plumbing and electrical repairs, handyman tasks, painting, gardening, window washing; housekeeping

  • Teaching - Spanish to English language learners, English to Spahish language learners, curriculum development

  • Writing - Gazette (monthly newsletter) and website content


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church welcomes all gifts and talents!



Discovering Your Gifts and Talents


If you are uncertain as to what gifts and talents that God has blessed you with, click on the link below to take an online gifts survey or print a PDF version of the Spiritual Gifts Self-Assessment and Scoring Graph. This assessment is not a scientific instrument. Source: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)





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Gifts and Talents List
Sharing Gifts and Talents with POP
Discovering Gifts and Talents
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